The Implications of Negative Interest Rates with Dylan Oelofse Negative interest rates are a conundrum to economists and financial analysts. Negative interest rates present challenges for central’s banks’ management of monetary policy. While negative rates are a boon to the borrower, they present challenges to individual savers and institutional investors. The presentation will be from a bank bond trader and hedge fund manager perspective. And will feature money creation, public and private, the constellation of liabilities that make up our modern monetary infrastructure and how that has led to negative rates. The talk will include a case study on European negative rates.
February 17, 2021 | Virtual

Please join us for this stimulating presentation, interesting table discourse and a lively question and answer period.

Dylan Oelofse managed emerging market interest rate swap and government bond portfolios at Barclays Africa for 6 years. He subsequently joined Abax Asset Management in Cape Town where he helped oversee various multi-asset income portfolios and a flexible income hedge fund. Dylan has worked at the Government of Alberta’s Treasury Board and Finance as a fixed income trader and is currently the Total Fund and Public Equity Risk Manager at the Alberta Investment Management Corporation.