The Alberta government has resuscitated plans for an Alberta Pension Plan. On the 21st of September, Premier Daneille Smith and the Finance Minister released a report from Lifeworks, an actuarial consultancy principally on the benefits of Alberta reclaiming a large share of the Canada Pension Plan’s assets. Pensions are central to the financial security of all Albertans and consultations under the direction of former Alberta treasurer Jim Dinning will be getting underway with a report to be presented to the government at the end of May.
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Virendra Gupta has several decades of senior level experience in public policy development and implementation both in Ontario and Alberta. His portfolios have included public sector pensions, Canada Pension Plan, provincial budgets and taxation. He represented Alberta on the intergovernmental committee on CPP during the 1990s reform discussions. He was the Executive Director of the Universities Academic Pension Plan before he retired in 2012.

Virendra has agreed to share his perspective on the CPP.

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